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Sad Sherlock Pic by FANGIRLHetalia Sad Sherlock Pic :iconfangirlhetalia:FANGIRLHetalia 0 13
Derpy story that I wrote...
15 April 1867
I received a letter from my love far away, Elizabeth. Her family has taken her with them to go to the West, but in her letter she tells me how much she misses me, and it causes my heart to ache. But within a few months, I will be able to see her. I will take a journey West to find her and start a family with her. I have just finished my preparations for the trip, and now I must venture out into the unknown tomorrow at dawn.
24 April 1867
I miss my quiet life already. I had lived on a small farm, where I grew a all sorts of crops and raised animals. But it’s different from what Elizabeth’s family is doing. They have a farm as well, but they have to use dry farming, which she described it as “very tough dirt that has to be broken up for only certain crops to be planted”. She also told me that they used machinery. It is a huge contrast to the work I was used to.
05 May 1867
I have spend a month travelling, and I have finally made it to Fort Leavenwort
:iconfangirlhetalia:FANGIRLHetalia 1 8
Derpy Anime Picture That I Colored...So Derpy... by FANGIRLHetalia Derpy Anime Picture That I Colored...So Derpy... :iconfangirlhetalia:FANGIRLHetalia 3 38
'I Am' Poem
I am different
I wonder what the meaning of life is
I hear voices in my head and we often have conversations
I see things that aren’t really there, because my imagination hates me
I am different
I pretend I am a normal human being
I feel as if I am mentally unstable
I touch a banana’s peel, sobbing over the loss of another innocent
I worry that I would be rejected due to my boisterous actions
  I cry over HetaOni, people eating bananas, and pictures of the Holy Roman Empire
I am different
I understand that I am a banana-Thomas told me so
I say, “Nobody cares! Nobody! And, you need to shut up!”
I dream that anime characters are real
I try to blend in more
I hope other people will understand me being loud and unique
 I am different
:iconfangirlhetalia:FANGIRLHetalia 0 6
Derpy picture of England by FANGIRLHetalia Derpy picture of England :iconfangirlhetalia:FANGIRLHetalia 1 12 2p! Hetalia Funny Picture by FANGIRLHetalia 2p! Hetalia Funny Picture :iconfangirlhetalia:FANGIRLHetalia 2 23
England X Reader One-shot: Hiding
You were playing Wii all by yourself, thinking about your English boyfriend upstairs, reading. You remembered a flashback when you were messing around with your little brother, (b/n), and he was playing around on the hard-wood floors.
:iconfangirlhetalia:FANGIRLHetalia 2 4
Christmas Present!!!! by FANGIRLHetalia Christmas Present!!!! :iconfangirlhetalia:FANGIRLHetalia 1 8


I Ain't Bovvered-Doctor/Reader
“Oh. My. God.” Donna poured every amount of exasperation she could muster into the three words, eyes rolled so high toward the TARDIS’s ceiling she felt like she might need an exorcism to get them back into place. “Are men thick in every galaxy, or is it only the human looking ones? Some sort of genetic thingy that makes them terrible with women?”
The Doctor frowned at her. “Do you know how presumptuous it is when you humans go around calling things ‘humanoid?’ It’s not like your blue-print came first. For argument’s sake, humans could be Time Lord…inoid—wait, did you just call me thick?”
“Yeah. Yeah, I just did.” Donna held up her hands in sarcastic confession. “D’you know why? Because any man who could think would stop being a whiny, excuse-filled tosser and see that a hell of a woman is in love with him!”
“Oh, ew! No, spaceman! N
:iconkisstherain272:KisstheRain272 298 95
I Want You (She's So Heavy)-Doctor/Reader
Takes place during the Doctor and Martha's stay in the 1960s described in the episode "Blink." Reader acts as a second companion. Companion piece to "Summer of '69."
“So,” Y/N began, hands tight on the steering wheel. The truck—rented from an agency that charged them a few pounds a week—jolted as it passed over the country terrain.
“Don’t say anything,” The Doctor ordered. He glared out the front window and kept his Time Manipulation and Disturbance Gauge, which he’d just now decided to refer to as his “timey-wimey detector” to cheer himself up, clutched to his chest.
“Chickens, huh?”
“Not a word, Y/N.”
“I know we’re tight with money, Doctor, but if you’d just told us that you fancied a hard-boiled—“
“Oh, ha-ha. One of the greatest Earth mysteries is that you’re not a celebrated comic,” the Doctor interrupted dryly. He had to fight to keep his scowl
:iconkisstherain272:KisstheRain272 207 69
Curiosity Killed the Surprise ~Hoseok x Reader~
I just want to know what’s wrong with Hoseok. He is acting weird, no more my happy sunshine and whenever I ask him what’s wrong, he acts happy and brushes off the question.
I just want to make him happy!
And I have a great idea~
I woke up late today; yesterday I stayed up on my laptop searching up what I should cook for my sunshine and I wrote a list of stuff I should get.
Yes yes, I’m going to actually cook just to cheer Oppa up!
And guess what I will cook? KIMCHI oppa’s favorite
I slept yesterday sitting down and on my laptop, but I woke up to find my laptop closed and in the charger beside me and I was laying down.
I think Hobi was here yesterday but of course, he left early, that pabo I really miss him…
I miss our cuddles and late night talk
I missed everything
I flipped around where the bed was messy but empty to find that Hobi’s spot is still warm.
I shot out of the bed once I felt it, Oppa may still be around!  I wore my slipp
:iconkawaii061:Kawaii061 13 3
Stay ~Jimin x Reader~
She woke up to find a pair of familiar arms around her, a smile bloomed on her lips to know that her boyfriend, Jimin, spent the night with her. Although she wasn't awake but anyways he was there squeezing her to his chest now. She fought her way out of his arms, as she was about to get out of bed he held her back making her face him this time "Good morning sweetie" said Jimin with his sweet sleepy voice while he kissed her forehead "Morning~" replied (Y/N) as she cuddled closer to Jimin. After a couple of minutes, (Y/N) had to get ready to leave but Jimin kept his arms around her with a strong grip "Jimin I need to get ready to go" a groan left Jimin's mouth "Can't you stay more with me?" "I'll be late if I did Jiminie I'll spend time with you when I get back" "But... I have work by that time" said Jimin in a sad tone. "Fine I'll stay for a little bit" said (Y/N).
Silent fell between them while they kept cuddling until Jimin pulled away and sat up "(Y/N)... I" he sighed as he ruffled
:iconkawaii061:Kawaii061 24 4
Mature content
Young Forever [4/?]|| Kim Seokjin [BTS] x Reader :iconthe-tomatoboss:the-TomatoBoss 8 2
BTS! RUN! by renkarts BTS! RUN! :iconrenkarts:renkarts 1,913 102 Clean- BTS JK by sakuyasworld Clean- BTS JK :iconsakuyasworld:sakuyasworld 142 8 [BTS] Wizard RapMon by sakuyasworld [BTS] Wizard RapMon :iconsakuyasworld:sakuyasworld 318 18 BTS_S by HosomiAme BTS_S :iconhosomiame:HosomiAme 37 5 Blood Sweat and Tears by Neloi Blood Sweat and Tears :iconneloi:Neloi 38 10
. succor | Park Jimin
A languid sigh escaped her lips as she lay awake in her bed, the darkness seeming to absorb the sound. She shifted slightly, trying to find a more comfortable position, only to find more discomfort. It was that feeling when the sheets were too warm, when her eyes wouldn't close. She was forced to stay awake, peering into the blackness of the night, and the fears that were hidden there.
Another sigh echoed in the room, this one of frustration. She flipped onto her back, a hand coming to rest on her face as she stared up at the barely visible ceiling rafters.
Her nerves were frayed to the quick. In her building anxiety she constructed elaborate rationalizations for why everything would turn out alright, but still the nagging voice in the back of her mind spoke of nothing but doom ahead.
She had had this kind of restless nights for the past week, unable to directly fall asleep, only to doze off at around 3 am every night. Midterms had just started a few days ago and her pent
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 64 29
Lucifer X Reader: Part 1/10
“(Y/N)!” You whipped your head around to see Mr. Pellegrino walking towards you. You worked on set for the hit T.V. show “Supernatural” as one of the people who takes care of the actors such as, getting them food, getting them something to drink, running an errand for them while they work, etc. It wasn’t really as bad as it sounds. Most of the guys would take it easy on you really only asking you for stuff if they were tired or to busy to break away from what they were doing for an amount of time.
“Yes, Mr. Pellegrino? Can I do something for you?” You gently shooed away your friend, who understood that you meant no disrespect by it, as you turned around to completely face him.
“Yeah, could you please run this to my trailer and place it on my desk by my laptop? Please?” You were given a small box, no larger than a clipboard. It was plain but had a beautiful wooden shine.
“Oh, of course, sir!” He smiled at you while noddin
:icondark-as-love:Dark-As-Love 48 12
Mood Swings - Castiel x Reader
She sat on the couch, curled up in a ball. She groaned as pain shot through her back and stomach.
Why must this happen? It was irritating and highly stressful. And it was at this moment in time that they guys had a habit of growing wary around her in case she snapped at any of them.
Apart from Cas, who didn't understand the need to stay away from her. Especially when she was on the verge of tears.
She pulled her knees tighter to her stomach to avoid the pain. It didn't work. It never worked. She whined.
There was nothing on tv and she was growing bored and hungry. And she was craving a strange pasta she had only ever eaten once in her life. This wasn't going well.
She shakily pushed herself off of the couch. She staggered. Her head was dizzy. Her stomach flipped the second her feet had touched the ground. She rushed to the bathroom, swinging the door open and crashing in front of the toilet.
"Still feeling sick?" Dean asked, leaning against the door frame.
"What gave that away?"
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 208 58
ReaderxSPN Cast Meeting the Guys
            “How did you first meet the guys?” A fan asked.
            “’Guys’ as in the home boys or, ‘guys’ as in everyone?” I responded, “’Cuz I have two different stories.”
            “Everyone.” She nodded.
            “Okay, so this is sort of a long story but, it’s totally worth it. Guys, feel free to interject.”
            “Oh you know we will, sweetheart.” Richard chuckled.
            “After what you did to poor Mark, we’ll never let you live it down anyways.” Matt said waggling his eyebrows.
:iconartistofthedark:ArtistoftheDark 266 25
Fledgling Daycare ReaderxSPN
            The doorbell rang after a darkened figure dropped off a box and disappeared. Dean opened the door and looked around to find whoever had rang; he was about to close the door when his foot hit the box. Curiously, he picked it up and brought it inside, finding it heavier than the average package.
            “What the hell is in this thing?” He murmured, “Sam! Bobby! We got mail!”
            “What the hell? I never get mail.” Bobby said, wheeling into the room.
            “What’s in it?” Sam asked,
:iconartistofthedark:ArtistoftheDark 432 52
Hungry Hunters (Team Free WillxReaderxGabriel)
Summary: You and the boys are starving and you get an idea on how to get free food.

After a good five hours of being cramped in the Impala, Dean decided to pull over to one of the many rest stops that lined the highway. This spot was simple, just a little picnic table surrounded by trees. As soon as the car stopped you and Sam hopped out, both eager to stretch your legs.
“Are we almost there at least?” you asked as you paced back and forth.
“Still have about 3 more hours,” Dean answered from inside the car as he searched for a radio station he liked.
“Ugh,” you and Sam groaned in unison.
“It won’t be that bad,” he said as he emerged from the car.
“Hey you wanna grab something to eat in the next town over? I don’t know about you two but I’m starving,” Sam said as he looked between you and Dean.
“Sounds like a plan Sammy,” you said as you pulled Dean in front of you to block the setti
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 592 101



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